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Studio owner Scott Ross has over 30 years of experience both as an audio professional and accomplished musician. He has worked with clients at all levels from major touring acts to those who are just starting out.

He has recorded countless projects ranging from elaborate full-length productions to the simplest of demos and everything in between. He has advanced degrees in music theory and performance, as well as electronics technology. He possesses a great ear, a thorough understanding of the recording process, and enjoys working closely with his clients in order to produce the best possible final product. He continues to work as a recording professional, soundman, instructor, and performing musician constantly adding to his many thousands of hours of pro-level experience in these areas.

Let Scott’s experience help make your next recording the best it can be by making an appointment to visit the studio and discuss the details of your project with him. The initial consultation and studio tour are always free, so come see us and find out how Atlasta Recording Studio can help you meet your goals.

Studio Owner Scott Ross
Studio Owner Scott Ross


Contact us at 512-219-0609 or facebook.com/atlastastudio. You can also reach us by e-mail at atlaststudio@att.net